Adress register

Activities of the Address register is regulated by the Law on Administrative Territories and Populated Areas and Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers adopted on the basis of this Law.

State Address register (hereinafter in the text – Address register) is an information system of the State Land Service that provides:

  • Recording of the computerized address objects in the form of text (with degree of details till the group of premises) and in the form of map (with degree of details till the parcel of land or building);
  • Classified maintaining of the address list where individual and unchangeable code is affixed to each address;
  • Provision of information related to addresses.

Each address object disregarding whether it is an apartment, artist’s studio, residential building, street, municipality, town etc will have a nine digit code assigned. This code remains unchanged all existence period of the address place and it is basically not affected by the changes in the state administrative and administrative territory internal division of territories. Usage of the address object code in all state and municipality, as well as other information systems and registers allows you to find the correct necessary information, as a search criteria you can use address and this facilitates mutual information exchange between registers. Users of the address register data does need to constantly update address data; therefore we create economy of financial and human resources. Address register information is based on laws and regulations and regulations of municipalities, id est., on documents of institutions whose competency is to allocate addresses.

Textual data of the Address register (only updated textual data) is available for every internet user in the website of the Service, structured data and special data in full amount – if the client concludes agreement with the Service and agrees how, in what form, the client wants to receive the necessary data:

  • By replicating data (textual data);
  • Connecting to the Address register on the internet in  the online regime (textual and special data);
  • In the form of textual files (textual data);
  • In the form of graphic files (spatial data)

You can learn more about the addresses registered in the Address register in data publishing portal section "State Address register".

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