The 4th Baltic Surveyors Forum

The 4th Baltic Surveyors Forum
The 4th Forum of Baltic Surveyors was held in Ventspils on September 20, 2013. The main aim of the Forum was to initiate an exchange of information, knowledge and best practices as well as share experience solving various problems in the field of surveying and cadastre.

In the previous years the Forum was organized solely by the Latvian Association of Surveyors, while this year it was organized in cooperation with the State Land Service of Latvia.

This time, the organizers preferred to discuss several topics, therefore the Forum was held in two parallel sessions. One session was devoted to the surveyors and second session – the state institutions.The surveyors’ workshop was devoted to the discussion of transition to European Vertical Reference System, local geodetic networks (geodetic points at municipal level) and accuracy of fitting cadastral information on topography (scale 1:500) and the state institutions shared their experience regarding physical marking of land parcel boundaries, surveyors’ certification system and supervising and development of cadastre system by implementing E-Government.

Currently, the Baltic States undergo the process of modernization in the field of physical marking land parcel boundaries and the institutions carried out research in order to find solutions for boundary marking to meet the following criterion: easy to identify  (by both land owners and professionals), they are sustainability and easy to set up, but hard to destroy or damage.

All the Baltic States shared the same opinion that in order to improve data it is essential to increase surveyors’ responsibility for their work quality.

Participated institutions and associations:

  • Estonian Land Board
  • National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania
  • State Enterprise Centre of Registers, Lithuania
  • The State Land Service, latvia
  • Association of Lithuanian Surveyors
  • Association of Estonian Surveyors
  • Latvian Association of Surveyors
  • Latvian Association of Cartographers and Geodesists
  • Ventspils City Council


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