Mobile application makes Cadastre data more accessible

Mobile application makes Cadastre data more accessible
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In Latvia the State Land Service (SLS) has recently launched a mobile application (Cadastre) which is one of just few mobile solutions offered by state institutions in Latvia. Decision to produce the application was based on a number of considerations.

The SLS maintains several information systems and databases of national importance where the National Real Estate Cadastre Information System is the main data source comprising information on cadastral objects across the country (100% of all land units; 96% of all buildings). Data accumulated in these sources is unique and is being used by various customers. According to the statistics total number of SLS customers increased by 25% in 2013 compare to 2012. Cadastral information or any other data are delivered to customers in several ways, including traditional, such as a visit to customer centre, phone call or e-mail. Five years ago the data distribution portal was created to reduce workload of customer centres. Surveys show that the number of SLS clients using the portal has increased during recent years and has a tendency to grow.  In 2013 the number of cadastral objects viewed on the portal increased by 20% compare to 2012.

Also requirements of our customers change quickly. They demand fast access to information and qualitative services provided in short terms. In this situation mobile application is even better alternative than portal as it offers free of charge, immediate access to data and an opportunity to perform data selection according to client’s needs. For customers having submitted orders with more complicated requests there is an opportunity to track status of their service orders online and contact the SLS Customer Centre directly from mobile device. 

The mobile application is designed to respond to the needs of individuals, businesses and other organizations. Among them are current and prospective property owners, property management companies, property developers, land surveyors, construction companies, real estate brokers, banks, lawyers, investors looking for real estate in Latvia and others. Various private and public organizations, including state institutions and local governments use cadastral data to perform administrative functions, planning or other obligations. The unique value of the application lies in the opportunity to receive data on any property directly in customer’s mobile phone or tablet. Even more, the application identifies user’s geographical location (only in the territory of Latvia) and selects cadastral data for the property at the location.  

By this initiative the SLS makes cadastral data more available to the society and raises an understanding of data stored in the national information systems. It encourages citizens and entrepreneurs to take informed decisions regarding their real estate. Ambition of the SLS is to be a leader in e-governance in Latvia providing versatile, qualitative, user friendly and up-to-date electronic services. By producing the mobile application the SLS has proved its willingness and ability to use advantages of ICT for development of innovative public services aimed to foster efficiency of information exchange, allowing public access to state owned cadastral data and increasing transparency of public services. This initiative goes in line with the national vision of development of public services.

Currently the application is available at App Store for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Play Store for Android OS. 


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