Work of Cadastre in the state is regulated by the Immovable Property State Cadastre Law and Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers adopted on the basis of this Law. To secure cadastre services State Information System of real property cadastre (hereinafter –  Cadastre) is provided and constantly improved; official cadastre data are included in this system. Cadastre maintains the latest and historical, as well as graphic data of each cadastre object.

SLS in the Cadastre for the cadastral appraisal needs maintains the Real property market data base that is the broadest in Latvia. This data base provides official data taken from the State Unified Computerized Land Register about purchase deals with real estates in the whole country.

The current history of cadastre in Latvia begun in 1992 simultaneously with the Land Reform that was crucial after Latvia regained independence and transferred to the market economy. From 1993 country started to restore property rights on land and provide possibility for the natural or legal persons to purchase the land.

European countries provide several approaches for the organising of land management. Latvia belongs to the countries offering two registers maintained by different institutions:

  • SLS provided Cadastral  – registers and updates data about real estates, land parcels, buildings (constructions), groups of premises, parcels of land and its characterising data, as well as its owners, legal representatives, users and leaseholders;
  • The State Unified Computerised Land Register maintained by the Court administration can be regarded as centralized data base from there the information about all immovable properties registered in Latvia is spread out.

In Latvia we divide four types of immovable properties:

  • Immovable property in the possession of a land;
  • Immovable property in the possession of a land and buildings;
  • Immovable property in the possession of only buildings;
  • Apartment property with groups of premises and undivided shares in apartment properties.

Cadastral Information System consists of:

  • Textual data – information about immovable properties, land parcels, buildings (constructions), groups of premises, parcels of land and its characteristic data, as well as its owners, legal representatives, users and leaseholders;
  • Spatial data – borders of land parcels and parts of land parcels, border posts of land parcels and parts of land parcels, external contours of the building and location of the land parcels, borders and identification marks of the road servitude territory.
  • Cadastral map in Latvia is constituted as a digital overview map by using digital real estate object cadastral surveying data in the form of (vectors). It includes whole territory of the Republic of Latvia and serves for the overview about the mutual location of the objects pictured in the territory. The right angle coordinate network of the cadastral map complies with the geodesic system LKS-92 TM adopted in Latvia in 1992. Cadastral map is maintained accordingly to the precision of the cadastral surveying data. Cadastral map data is stored in the system of files.

The updated cadastral information is used for:

  • Development of new real property, real property object, determination of the land parcel part, cadastral appraisal;
  • Registration of the property rights in the Land Register;
  • Real estate development and management planning;
  • Real estate tax administration;
  • Planning of economical development, territory and environmental protection, performing of land utilization works, preparation of the state statistical information;
  • Provision of activities of other information systems.

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