Information on restricted areas

Activities of the Information system of restricted areas (hereinafter – ISRA) in the country is regulated by the Law on Information Systems of the Restricted Areas (hereinafter – Law on ISRA) and Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers issued on the basis of this Law.

Law on ISRA provides that ISRA gives access to the data about territories having all kinds of property usage restrictions appointed due to existing legislation.

Target of the Law on ISRA is to provide public with topical and publicly available information about restricted areas, for example, protective zones, microreserves, polluted places and objects with protective zones. Therefore information about territories with restricted usage rights is available within one information system.

Availability of precise data about the existing restricted areas reduces risks if you complete transactions with real estates, lands, in the fields of construction, agriculture and others.

Provider of data to be included in ISRA is owner of the object or institution responsible for the preparation of the data about the object or establishment of the restricted areas and preparation of their border data.

ISRA is developed within the frameworks of the project co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) „Development of the geospatial information system of the State Land Service geospatial data”. It is anticipated that Service will start providing data from ISRA beginning from 2016.

In the future it is planned to use the data of restricted areas for the registry of restrictions in the Real estate State Cadastre Information System.

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