Land reform

One of the most important functions of the Service is participation in the implementation and completion of the land reform, including take-over of the functions of rural parishes land committees in 1997 in relation to the adoption of decisions about renewal of the land proprietary rights or transfer of land into ownership for payment in rural areas.

Land reform process includes allocation of the vacant, state owned land for the permanent usage, renewal of proprietary rights and redemption (buying) of the land allocated for permanent usage, renewal of proprietary rights onto land on which applies completion of the Land reform, determination of the ownership or cognizance of the land for the state or municipalities, as well as privatisation (expropriation) of the land owned by state and municipality. Redemption (buying) of the land and renewal of proprietary rights is performed accordingly to the laws and regulations on the land reform in rural areas and towns. In compliance with these the land reform in the state shall be completed in 2015.

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